The preserve offers tent camping at three sites, all of which share access to the restroom facilities adjacent to the pit.

Campground One, up to 30 people, (pictured on this page) is most desired because it is the closest to the restrooms and it has a covered pavilion, fire pits, water, and shrubbery.  Campground Two, up to 20 people, has a shade tree and water. Campground Three, up to 10 people, is next to an open cultivated field and has water, but it is farthest from the restrooms.

Note: Scheduling of the campground does not include access to either the “Bunkhouse” or “Pit” facilities. These facilities are scheduled separately. Please plan accordingly.

Reserve Campground 1 Reserve Campground 2 Reserve Campground 3

Before clicking the reserve button please check availability by emailing or calling Dallin Leota on 808-358-2741.