Lytle Preserve

All are welcome to visit the Lytle Ranch outdoor research and education preserve. The preserve is a popular destination for bird watchers wanting to add new species to their check list.  Every year birders from all over the world visit the preserve!

The preserve is cared for by Dallin Leota, 808-358-2741, who is usually available to greet and orient visitors. For details, please review the “Preserve Use and Fee schedule” document (see downloadable link below).  Limited use of the preserve overnight facilities is scheduled online when making reservations. Day visits do not require reservations, but please call Dallin if you plan to visit during the day. 

2103 MLBM

Brigham Young University

Provo, UT 84602

(808) 358-2741

Considerations when visiting the Preserve:

    • Daytime visitors are welcome, please call Dallin Leota if you wish to visit during the day.
    • Obey Signs - Some areas prohibit public access.
    • No vehicles allowed beyond parking area.
    • Scheduling of overnight facilities is done by "on-line" reservations please call Dallin Leota on 808-358-2741. (Click on the "Visiting" tab at the top of the page.)
    • Please be cautious of Preserve's dogs.
    • Download and print the "Lytle Liability Waiver," fill it out completely and submit it to the Dallin Leota,, or call for any questions, 808-358-2741